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What does your college plan look like?

We recognize that your family is embarking on a significant time as you send your son or daughter off to college. While this time is certainly very exciting, it is filled with many important decisions that will have long term impacts on your children. Some of these decisions will also likely have major implications on your future finances, your retirement and your children's finances.


Most families go through this process only one, two or three times in their lives, depending on how many children they have. Given the economic realities of maintaining a lifestyle today, college in the very near future and retirement just down the road, there is little margin for error.


We help families just like yours successfully navigate their way through this process, enabling them to avoid costly mistakes that would have them over-spend on college, often by thousands of dollars. We regularly provide strategies and opportunities that result in free money for college that they were previously unaware of.


For a fee that is a fraction of the cost of college, doesn't it make sense to give yourself the peace of mind that you are setting your children up for a successful future? You will rest easy, knowing you have hired a professional to ensure that your college plan is sound and complete.



Work With Us on Your Family College Planning

College Tests

These web-based courses are organized into easy-to-digest 15-minute chunks.


Career Assessment

Entering college with a solid idea of what you would like to do is a financially smart decision.


Community Service

Make your college admissions application shine by volunteering for community service!


The opportunity to work with a professional in the development of a comprehensive college plan can be priceless.

Work with our team on your college financial planning


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