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SAT / ACT Prep Program

These web-based courses are organized into easy-to-digest 15-minute chunks. Why? Because we've found that most students are able to focus their attention best in short bursts. Anything longer and their ability to absorb new material begins to decline. Students who use Method Test Prep raise their SAT scores an average of 120 points and ACT scores an average of 3 points. Even better, students who work through more of the learning checklist are able to raise their scores much higher.



Help Me Prepare for My Tests

College Planning

We help families just like yours successfully navigate their way through the college planning process.

Career Assessment

Entering college with a solid idea of what you would like to do is a financially smart decision.


Community Service

Make your college admissions application shine by volunteering for community service!


The opportunity to work with a professional in the development of a comprehensive college plan can be priceless.

Work with our team on your family college planning


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